Riding Electric Unicycles and related products carries the risk of accident. Your decision to use these devices exposes you to many potential risks and all liabilities that arise from your decisions to ride such a device, where you ride it, and how you ride it, are your decisions alone and we take no responsibility whatsoever for the outcomes that may follow. Additionally, these are manufactured products and as such they have the possibility to fail, possibly at very unfortunate times. Go Wheels Canada accepts no responsibility for your choice to use these devices and additionally, any liabilities including those arising out of damage to 3rd parties, are completely the responsibility of the user of the wheel. 

Please note that lithium-ion batteries do have the potential for fire and we strongly recommend that you read and follow all the instructions and advice proscribed by the manufacturer’s user manual included with your wheel. 

We also advise any person riding electric unicycles to wear appropriate protective gear at all times. Knee, elbow, wrist, spine, and a full-face helmet is our minimum standard for a ride. Additionally, it is our belief that the rider’s judgement is the greatest protection against accident. Cultivate the habit to enjoy being aware of the your surrounding and don’t assume that there is not a car, truck or other obstacle lurking around that blind corner. Running over pedestrians, children and/or the elderly is not recommended. We like dogs so let’s avoid those too. Please especially note that children are not “little adults”. They do dumb shit and might do basically anything at any time. Let’s assume so and ride accordingly.

Finally know and be aware of your local laws surrounding the use of these fabulous devices. We encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities to determine where you are permitted to ride.