Begode Tesla T3


The latest iteration of the venerable and popular Gotway/Begode Tesla is now here with the release of the 3rd edition. This wheel comes with significant upgrades from its predecessor the Tesla V2.

Improvements of the previous version include…

  • a one piece carbon fibre-look shell
  • better water resistance
  • added rear tail light
  • 1200 lumen headlight with three modes (low, high, strobe)
  • bigger pedals with better clearance
  • a built in display screen showing speed, milage, mode etc
  • a substantial increase in range due to an almost 50% increase in battery capacity to 1500Wh

The Tesla 3 can be a first and only wheel for many people.

Its a quick accelerating wheel and it has the torque to get you up over 40 kph easily. With its greatly improved range (estimated at over 100 km) it can take you where you want to go.

An awesome wheel.


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