InMotion V11 Suspension EUC


The InMotion V11 is loaded with cutting-edge technology and the most user-friendly features to make it ideal for both regular and long-distance commuting. The V11 is probably the most carefully designed euc available at this time and every aspect of its design shows thoughtful engineering. Dual charge ports, a super bright headlamp and even a kickstand!

With it’s 2200 W motor, the InMotion V11 gives a top speed of 33 mph (55 km/hr). It also comes with a leading cooling system (convection, conduction, fan) to keep the motor cool and keep delivering top performance even in bad road conditions.

Its larger battery is one of the best parts of the new InMotion V11. With 1500 W capacity, it’s big, powerful and is capable of offering the best-in-class riding range of 75 miles (120 km) on a single charge.

The V11  has the world’s first built-in air-spring pedal suspension design, the V11 unicycle can easily absorb any bumps or dips with up to 2.75″ of vertical travel.



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