Inmotion V12 High Torque


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The InMotion V12 HT features a 100.8V – 2,500W motor achieving a top speed of approximately 70 kph. Inmotion has added a colour touchscreen  built into the wheel as well as 4 Bluetooth speakers and atmospheric LED lighting. This wheel is designed to be an extremely capable city commuter (that goes like crazy and is a blast to ride).

The 1750wh battery gives it a range of up 160 km and with its 120 kg payload limit, this wheel can transport big riders at fast speeds.
The V12 has adjustable height pedals and only weighs about 29 kg. This gives this wheel a very high weight to performance ratio. It carries a 16″ wheel with a 3″ wide profile for stability. It even sports a built in kickstand.


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