Kingsong S18 Suspension EUC Black


As of the 19th of July the next shipment of White S18’s has now fully sold out before it arrived. There is another shipment of Kingsong wheels on its way. Those should be arriving near the end of September.

S18 is one of the most talked about wheels ever produced. It has a bold exoskeleton design reminiscent of a cutting edge sport bike. With its full body inspired suspension system it has the flexibility to fine tune your ride to meet your riding style.

S18 has top speed of around 50 kph and has a durable 18″ wheel. With a potential range of aprox. 100 km per charge there are many premium wheels that travel further but none that rival its light weight, nimble, and aggressive feature set designed for technical performance. Off road it shines but if you prefer the technical urban environment with its pot-holes, obstacles, and varied terrain, the S18 will be right at home there as well.

1000km Review by our friends at Speedy Feet UK below

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