Begode RS C38 Hi-Torque


Here is most recent version of the most popular model of the GotWay brand, namely the МSuper Pro (MSP). The new modification is called “RS” and offers a lot of improvements.

This wheel will cruise at 60 kph and comes with new pedals, the same size as the Monster pedals. The LED lights at the front and rear have been updated, and Gotway also added two USB ports. The motor cut-off button is now under the handle which makes it convenient no matter with which hand you lift the wheel. This unicycle can be ordered as before with 2 different motor types.

The torque version (offered here) has more torque at the expense of maximum speed. Few would call 60 kph slow though. As far as non-suspension wheels go this is a top competitor for a powerful long range machine.

Below is a detail review by our friend Wrong Way! (although the review is for the high speed not the high torque version)


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